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Whether you like piano rolls, pre-1920 cylinders, 78s from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s or early 45s and mono LPs, this is your station. Broadcasting on AM 680 with the full audio spectrum.
On the internet we stream in the original monaural not wasting bandwidth. Better than CD quality.

To donate you can send your check to KBRD - PO Box 7034 - Olympia, WA 98507 or just click the button below.

Your donations are fully tax deductable. KBRD is a non-profit, listener supported 501(c)3 institution.

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Bj & Skips For The Music Foundation

See our founders, Skip, Bj and Norma on TV.

Paperwork department. Then there are always those legal requirements at a radio station. Here we try to fulfill them.

KBRD Public File

EEO report.

Contact Information
PO Box 7034 Olympia WA 98507
Phone: 360-491-6800

At we operate around the clock but to let the more important San Francisco sports information into the Olympia area we must close down when the sun goes down. Our AM 680 hours are:
January   6:30  4:45
February  6:00  5:30
March     6:15  7:15
April     6:00  8:00
May       5:30  8:45
June      5:15  9:15
July      5:30  9:00
August    6:00  8:30
September 6:15  7:30
October   6:15  6:30
November  6:45  4:30
December  6:15  4:15

Archeophone Records
Phenominal music from the turn of the century (20th that is).
Olympia Power and Light
Olympia's locally owned definitive newspaper
Golden Apple Electronics
The folks who do our streaming and fix our computers.
Paul Moore's Washboard Wizards
Israel's number one ukulele player.
Yogi Yorgesson
Steve's tribute to Yogi.
Olympia Jazz Festival
Home of America's Jazz Festival.
Traditions Cafe and music
Olympia's greatest music venue.
Ukuleles For Peace
Middle East children playing ukes.
Uptown Lowdown Jazz Band
Simply great traditional jazz

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For showing upates go to

KBRD's largest financial supporter.

We have authorized the consulting engineers to make application for an increase in power. The plan is to quadruple the power for an effective doubling of the area covered.

This initial part is going to cost $3600 (we'll worry about the transmitter 6 months down the road while we search out a good used one). In the meatime, if you've got some spare change sitting around we could use a little help meeting the new expense.

The C Davis New Orleans Quartet will be playing an evening of traditional New Orleans music and Swing music on September 7th (Sunday), In the Olympia Ballroom, on Legion Way In Olympia Washington, from 7:30 to 10:30 PM.
This will be an amazing evening of music, as will have J essica Langmuir Blinn, singing and playing the violin with us. Also the quartet will swell to 5 pieces, with Joe Baque on piano, Paul Woltz on soprano and bass saxophone, Andy Hall on trombone and Cal Neal on drums.

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Thurston County Animal Services

Lewis County WA no kill cat sanctuary.

Best cafe in Lewis Coouty.

Bill's sculptures at 505 N Tower in Centralia next to the Hub-Bub.

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Al Johnson recommends.